Gangnam Style is the big, new, shiny, Korean music thing. Or so I’ve been told.

It’s in a battle for the most YouTube views of all time, with Justin Bieber’s Baby. Sorry, Beliebers, but as much as I love Luda’s rap in Baby, I gotta admit that I like PSy’s jam better

Gangnam Style is so popular that the University of Northern Iowa, my stomping ground, decided to make a parody of it. This might be the first time that I am disappointed to be a panther. RAWR.

This is UNI’s the latest attempt at a recruiting video. I like the idea: take something popular and relevant, and turn it into something UNI related. The end product, however, is terrible. I love Ian, he was an RA in my dorm freshman year, student body Vice President the next, he made the interlude (which I’m not a fan of, but it’s not this bad), and has even got to meet First Lady Michelle Obama a few times. He also writes the plays for the Glee Club’s Christmas shows. But this parody is just poorly executed, and it really should have been worked on more before being published.

The reception so far of “Panther Style” is mixed at best. The university has even disabled comments because people were ripping on it. I’m also surprised that it is already over 28,000 views in the first day.

So here it is. Now you can decide if you’ve got Panther Style, or if you are getting a brown paper bag hat that matches mine.


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